Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Remodeling After Water Damage

By Moshe Farache

It is true that flooding can occur due to the overflowing of rivers, surges of storms, an overabundance of rain, a dam that has ruptured, melting ice or even a pipe that has burst. Whatever the source of the cause, there is excessive damage and the fact is that there need to be some repairs and remodeling done to your home to restore it back to its safe and normal condition for you and your family to be able to enjoy, live in and use once again. 

The fact must be accepted that it does take time to restore a home and that it does cost quite a bit of money. But it is necessary and worth it. When a layer of a roof during a storm is lifted off, a temporary repair to a roof is not the answer. A roof must be repaired correctly as water can come in and damage your property even more. 

When water comes into your home, the carpets may be destroyed, along with the drywall peeling and leaking. The construction site is a reality. Needless to say, rebuilding your home after a flood does take time and requires your patience. 

The restoration company is doing its best to get things done for you, but sometimes there can be hold ups when insurance companies are slow to disburse funds that are needed for various elements of the project. But be persistent with the insurance company as much as you can to keep things moving along well. 

Things will be taken down to the bare bones. Drywall will be removed if there is mold. Wooden studs will be cleaned with bleach. There may only be concrete or subflooring visible for a while until the place is completely dried out by the professionals, which is necessary when carpets are too damaged to leave down. But in time, the repairs and remodeling will be done, the home will be dry, the mold and odor will be gone. You will be happy in your home once again.

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